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A clogged drain can be an absolute nightmare. At best, we’re talking about a problem that can make it difficult to use your sink for much of anything. It can be a smelly, noisy eyesore in fairly short order. 

Our residential plumbers can get right to the heart of whatever the problem might be in no time. Using sewer camera inspection method that cause as little disturbance as possible, we can figure out exactly why your clogged sink is giving you a hard time.

It can naturally be helpful to know exactly what’s wrong with your sink. In the event that you are indeed dealing with a clogged sink, there are a number of different possibilities you are going to need to keep in mind. Identifying those problems can be useful, in terms of telling you in no uncertain terms that professional assistance is going to be essential.

If you do find yourself in such a situation, we can help.

Common Reasons Behind A Clogged Drain

Clogged drains and pipes are annoying under the best of circumstances. In more serious situations, there is no question that clogged sinks can bring your entire home or even your business to an absolute standstill.

Here are some of the most common causes for a clogged drain. If you believe you can handle any of these on your own, you should feel free to give it your best shot. Just keep in mind that a minor issue can become much more serious with even one wrong move.

  • Hair: One of the most common clogged sink culprits to be found anywhere, a little hair can create a big problem in fairly short order. If the hair happens to bind together with grease, or anything else you might consider sticky, the issues become even more exasperating.
  • Soap: Do you use traditional bars of soap? You may not know this, but soap is made from a significant amount of grease or fats.  These are the same grease and fats that can clog up a sink over time.
  • Dirt: Up to a point, your sink and drain can handle a certain amount of dirt. However, despite what you may think, they are not infallible at getting rid of this stuff. Too much dirt can absolutely and quite completely clog up your sink.
  • Food: If you aren’t using your garbage or food disposal, or if you don’t have one at all, the odds are unfortunately pretty good that your sink is being fed way too much food waste. This is also an issue for any sink system that deals in a lot of grease, but doesn’t have a trap to catch most of the excess.

These are just a few examples of things that can cause your sink to become clogged. Offset pipes are a good example of an issue that you probably won’t be able to notice or address on your own. This issue comes about from the fact that time and other elements can shift your pipes.

If this occurs to even a minor degree, clogged pipes and drains can still occur. If you would like to learn your drain is perfectly good, we have drain cleaning, check this out for more information.

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